The Importance of Getting a Gut Test

Our gut actually is really complex, but it’s actually an important thing to our health as well as our well-being. There actually are studies that are made in the last decades that in fact have shown the clear connections of our gut and chronic conditions. Another thing is that it’s proven that poor gut health will affect our skin, immune system as well as our mental health. If in case you are suffering from these health issues, you may have problems with your gut. If there’s an imbalance, you should consider getting a gut bacteria test.

There are in fact different things that cause the imbalances in our gut. It would include having poor sleep, eating unhealthy foods, high stress levels as well as the use of antibiotics. There are in fact different physical indicators of having gut problems. Below are some of the symptoms:

Upset Stomach

Some of the common gut health problems are when you have diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, gas and bloating. Having a balanced gut microbiome helps our body in processing more effectively.

Autoimmune Problems

Scientists in fact believe that having poor gut health will increase inflammation inside our body. This can then lead to getting autoimmune diseases.

Craving for Sugars

If in case you are always craving refined sugar, you probably have an imbalance on your gut bacteria. Diets having high sugars and processed foods reduce the gut’s good bacteria. It actually means you are craving more on sugar and inflammation is actually the result of it. Inflammation could actually lead to different diseases and even shows to cause cancer.

Weight Change

Have you been gaining or losing weight but you are not changing your diet or exercises routines? This may be a sign that you have poor gut health. Having an imbalance in your gut will actually prevent your body to regulate properly the blood sugar levels in a proper way as well as to absorb the nutrients and for storing in fat.

Having Poor Quality Sleep

When you ever suffer from insomnia, chronic fatigue would be an inevitable result. The fact is, our gut produces 90% of serotonin and it’s not the brain. The fact that serotonin is important for us to get regular sleep, gut damage may in fact impair our chance of getting quality sleep.

Have Skin Issues

If in case you are suffering from skin conditions, it could be because of a damage in your gut. When we have an inflammation in our gut, this will cause the proteins in our body to leak. This would irritate our skin as well as cause skin problems.

With a gut test, this will be able to give you a clearer direction on the changes of your diet. This would then help you in feeling better and in living healthier.

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